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Innovative Shoulder Harness

Strapus’ unique design is the only patient restraining system that allows EMS professionals full unobstructed access to all vital areas of human anatomy including the abdomen, chest and neck, so that they can provide the highest quality of care in any situation. Strapus is designed to keep medics and patients safer while improving patient outcomes.

Wireless obstruction technology

Strapus disallows combative patients from easily unbuckling themselves while lifesaving care is being administered by utilizing wireless obstruction technology that allows medics the power, with the push of a button, to obstruct the press release function of the buckle. When the obstruction technology isn’t engaged, Strapus functions as a typical quick-release buckle, giving EMS professionals all the tools they need to keep their patient safe in any circumstance. Obstruction buckles can also be outfitted on the leg strap and shoulder harness for even more control and safety.

Ergonomic design

Using state-of-the-art ergonomic design to comfortably, safely, and securely transport patients Strapus includes a leg strap, a 4-point hip harness, and an innovative shoulder harness that ensures that no matter the size, shape, or condition of your patient, from geriatric to bariatric, he/she will make it to their destination safely meeting all CAAS and SAE requirements.

Lightweight and easy to operate

Strapus was designed by paramedics, with paramedics in mind. We created Strapus with the intent of making our harness the easiest to use, safest, and cleanest restraining system we could. Buckles are made from aluminum, harnesses from highest quality non-permeable nylon straps making it ultra-durable, lightweight, easily adjustable, and stain resistant.

Universal Application

Strapus was created to be used with any ambulance cot without the need for complicated installations or modifications.  Strapus has a unique quick-adjustment attachment system that will securely connect to any stretcher on the market, quickly and easily.

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